A Comparative Legal Analysis on Personal Data Protection Laws in Selected ASEAN Countries

Analisis Perundangan Perbandingan Undang-undang Perlindungan Data Peribadi di Negara-negara ASEAN


  • Nawal Sholehuddin Faculty of Syariah and Law, Selangor Islamic University
  • Surianom Miskam Faculty of Syariah and Law, Selangor Islamic University
  • Farah Mohd Shahwahid Faculty of Syariah and Law, Selangor Islamic University
  • Tuan Nurhafiza Raja Abdul Aziz Faculty of Syariah and Law, Selangor Islamic University
  • Naqibah Mansor Faculty of Syariah and Law, Selangor Islamic University




ASEAN, Data Processing , Laws , Personal Data Protection


Personal data has become susceptible to data breaches following the drastic rise in data processing worldwide. Consequently, data protection issues have been addressed using personal data protection (PDP) laws. The current article compared the PDP regulations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines by assessing the salient features of every law on PDP components via content analysis. As law enforcement varies based on each nation’s requirements and situations, their similarities and differences were highlighted in the research outcome. Findings from this study show that each country is committed to ensure the protection of personal data and does so by using ways that most suit the needs and legal requirements of their respective countries.

Data peribadi semakin mudah terdedah kepada pelanggaran data berikutan peningkatan drastik dalam pemprosesan data di seluruh dunia. Isu perlindungan data peribadi telah ditangani dengan pelaksanaan undang-undang perlidungan data peribadi. Artikel ini menganalisis perbandingan undang-undang perlindungan data peribadi di Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapura dan Filipina dengan menilai ciri-ciri unik setiap undang-undang dengan mengguna pakai kaedah analisis kandungan. Memandangkan penguatkuasaan undang-undang berbeza berdasarkan kepada kehendak setiap negara, persamaan dan perbezaan antara negara-negara ini dibincangkan dalam kajian ini dengan terperinci. Dapatan kajian menunjukkan bahwa setiap negara yang dikaji memandang serius komitmen keperluan perlindungan data peribadi dan menggunakan cara yang paling sesuai mengikut keperluan dan memenuhi syarat-syarat perundangan negara mereka.


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