About the Journal

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Journal of Muwafaqat is a newly published set of international journal encompassing all the fields of Syariah and Law. The aims of the journal are to expand epistemological aspects of legal discourse as academic inquiry in understanding Syariah, Islamic jurisprudence and Law; offer the platform of intellectual forum by generating new ideas in fiqh in the contemporary muslim society; develop the sciences of legal reasoning (ijtihad) in elucidating the complexity and intricacy of global context; discuss modern disciplines by integrating both knowledge in Islamic juristic heritage and relevant aspects such as sciences, management, finance, law and etc; expose the critical treatment of juridicial legacy in the field; promote the diffusion; exchange and discuss of research findings in the field; and encourage interaction among academicians and scholars from various tradition of academic background. In addition, it meets the needs of global awareness by offering appropriate understanding of Islamic worldview.

E-ISSN (Online): 2600-8939

Publication Issues: April; October